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Ayn Rand is the Nickleback of philosophers. 

This is the best philosophical analysis I’ve ever seen.

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I bet Mitt Romney had something to do with Kratt’s Kreatures being replaced by that Zaboomafoo bullshit.

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71-year-old taken to the ground for questioning Paul Ryan

Ryan: “Most of our debt in the future comes from our entitlement programs.”

Senior citizen: “Hey. I paid into that for 50 years, my unemployment and my Social Security and my Medicare, and now you’re gonna…” At this point you hear the police who are dragging him out shouting, “on the ground, on the ground”.

Ryan then jokes, “I hope he’s taken his blood-pressure medication!” and laughs.

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take that, hitler!

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My whole take on the gay rights issue, particularly gay marriage is, let’s be honest, if you’re against gay marriage, you just don’t like gay people and you want to stick it to them. And I’m not saying that I wouldn’t do the same thing if I was presented with similar opportunities. If there was a law up for debate where it was like ‘Hey man, do you think guys that wear tight t-shirts and get bottle service at nightclubs should be allowed to own property?’ I’d be like “No! Fuck those guys! Yeah, uh…it violates the sanctity of owning property and it says in the Bible that they’re douchebags. Whatever I need to say so you don’t think this is coming from purely a place of hate.”
Aziz Ansari (via fuckyeahsexyatheists)

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Day #3: Reverse racism is not real yet.

Oh lord I hope this goes on forever

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to do list

  • lose weight
  • become attractive???

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Men are afraid women will laugh at them or won’t have sex with them, women are afraid men will kill them. Rich people are upset that everyone else is calling them “greedy” instead of “job creators”, everyone else is upset that they can’t afford health care. White people are afraid of being called racist by people of color, people of color are afraid of being killed by white people (especially white people in positions of authority, like police). Straight people are afraid of having their “marriages ruined” by other people getting married, queer people are afraid of being beaten to death. Cis people are afraid of having to share a bathroom with someone different than they are, trans people are afraid of being murdered.

This is really just a perfect X, Y statement to sum up the most basic tenet of privilege: if you are privileged, the majority of the time you don’t fear for your basic survival.

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If you’re that upset over how whitewashed/non-diverse cartoons are nowadays, get creative and make your own. And then shut the fuck up.

Don’t y’all love when people say this and then get mad when it actually happens and cry reverse racism. Love it.
It strikes me that telling someone to ‘go make their own cartoons’ is kind of like going to a restaurant and being served terrible food, and having the chef go ‘if you don’t like it, open your own restaurant’. Fuck you, chef, it’s your job to make me delicious food.

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What’s next? “Free” condoms?
A person who’s obviously never been to a clinic, hospital, college campus, anywhere maybe, yeah. (via edgur)

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It interests me that there are certain white people who understand that a white person wearing a KKK robe is a racist action regardless of intent due to the fact that the robe invokes a history of violence and racism and yet can’t wrap their heads around the fact that the confederate flag or racial slurs (unless you are reclaiming them) are racist because of the same reasons.

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Someone cracked the code!! Finally! Top cryptographers have been working on this since Reagan

Someone cracked the code!! Finally! Top cryptographers have been working on this since Reagan

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[Trigger Warning: Hate Crime, Racial Slurs] Florida man charged with hate crime says he ‘only shot a ni**er’



Walton Henry Butler, a 59-year-old white male, was arrested after he admitted shooting Everett Gant with a .22 rifle. Butler was charged with attempted murder with a hate crime enhancement.

Gant, an African-American, is in stable condition at Bay Medical Center.

According to the arresting affidavit, an incident occurred earlier in the day when a Pamela Rogers came to Butler’s apartment in the Pine Ridge Apartment complex on Garrison Avenue in Port St. Joe with a child in tow. Butler immediately used a racial slur to refer to the child.

Investigators discovered that Butler had been making similar racial slurs to other children in the complex during recent days.

Rogers became upset and left Butler’s apartment and Gant went to Butler’s apartment to discuss the comments.

Upon arriving at the apartment, Butler shot Gant between the eyes and shut his sliding glass door, leaving Everett to bleed outside the door.

Butler called 911, finished cooking supper, sat down and began eating. Nugent arrived on the scene and contacted Butler by phone, at which time Butler told Nugent to come in, he was eating dinner and had put up the gun.

Nugent said Butler acted as if inconvenienced when put under arrest, saying he could not understand the problem as “he had only shot a ni**er.”

 Butler was in the Gulf County Jail after first appearance this morning.

This was 2012 people.


Not 1912.

Not 1812.

It happened this fucking year.

But go on ahead and tell me about how we live in a “post-racial society.”

Tell me all about how race doesn’t matter anymore.

Explain to me how electing this country’s first black president solved all our race issues.

Tell me about how the word “nigger” doesn’t mean “black person” anymore.

Explain all this shit to me like I’m a god damn toddler.

Please. I’m waiting…

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"The Queen looks on with excitement"

"The Queen looks on with excitement"